• Sole distributor

    in Egypt

United Motion Pictures has started operating in Egypt since 1988 and is still the longest-running distributor of Hollywood movies. UMP is the official sole theatrical distributor of Warner Bros. and other companies in Egypt. Also, we have been the sole theatrical distributor of 20th Century Fox from 1987 to 2020.
In 2000, the Zeind family founded a second company - Silver Screen, which manages and explores cinemas in Cairo and Alexandria. The company has shares in several multiplexes; Galaxy, Mall of Arabia, American Plaza, Festival Mall and Stars in Cairo, Amir and Green Plaza in Alexandria.

Antoine Zeind

Is the founder and chairman of United Motion Pictures and has had a long and successful career in the cinema industry. In 1988 he became the sole agent and theatrical distributor for 20th Century Fox and formed his own company, United Motion Pictures- limited partnership-at that time. In 1992 he became the sole agent and theatrical distributor for Warner Bros. in Egypt in addition to 20th Century Fox. At present, United Motion Pictures distributor 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. movies including several blockbusters from other studios. In 2005, he became a consultant at the Chamber of Cinema Industry.

Cherine Zeind

Is the CEO in charge of Marketing and Publicity of United Motion Pictures. She graduated from the French Language Section of the Faculty of Arts in 1994. She spent two years in More Entertainment, which was the agent and representing company of 20th Century Fox Home Video. She then joined United Motion Pictures. Cherine Zeind's portfolio with United Motion Pictures includes many successful film campaigns that include Die Another Day, Ice Age, Batman Begins and Avatar, to name a few.

Chady Zeind

Is the CEO in charge of Sales and Distribution of United Motion Pictures. He also supervises the multiplexes in which the company has a share in these outlets. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and then joined the real estate marketing industry before his position in United Motion Pictures. Chady is known for his coherent planning and scheduling of the company's films and ensuring that maximum revenues are reaped.